Ceramic BME capacitor series gains 25V rating and extended capacitance at 50V

November 19, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Available in 25, 50, & 100V ratings and with capacitance values up to 82 μF, standard AVX' Mini-TurboCap Series exhibits extremely high CV and ultra low ESR/ESL in a small footprint

AVX has expanded its Mini-TurboCap and RoHS Compliant Mini-TurboCap Series with a 25V rating and an extended capacitance range (up to 39 μF) for its 50V parts. Now available in 25V, 50V, and 100V, these state-of-the-art base metal electrode (BME) capacitor series exhibit extremely high volumetric efficiency (CV) in addition to ultra low ESR and ESL in a compact footprint. Use them for I/O EMI filtering in military and COTS+ switch mode power supply applications, industrial power converters, radar systems, and aerospace power electronics.

Both comprised of X7R dielectric materials, the Mini-TurboCap and RoHS Compliant Mini-TurboCap Series have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Capacitance values for the series’ 25V parts extend up to 82 μF; for 50V parts, values extend to 39 μF, and for 100V parts they extend to 8.2 μF. The two series have also been life tested to 1,000 hours at 150% of the rated voltage and +125°C.

Both Mini-TurboCap Series feature stress-relieving lead frames to ensure the effective mechanical decoupling of the chips from the board and mitigate the stress created by board flexing, vibration, and temperature cycling.

AVX; http://avx.com/docs/Catalogs/miniturbo.pdf