Characterising wide bandwidth high performance wireless transmitters

September 23, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
A white paper available as a download from Anritsu highlights the top three issues, and provides essential knowledge for engineers working with wide bandwidth and high efficiency RF amplifier modules.

The paper provides an in-depth technical discussion of three top issues to consider when designing and optimising an RF test environment for characterising transmitters and amplifier modules;

1 - Effect of calibration accuracy on measurement uncertainty - Improved output level accuracy improves accuracy of measurement

2 - Improve performance when using a combined signal generator and vector analyser - By combining both the signal generator and vector signal generator into the same instrument, a significant improvement in measurement accuracy can be achieved

3 - Reduce measurement time using a combined SG and VSA - Simpler calibration, faster to calibrate a single command "calibration and measure" reduces configuration and control time.

The download page at is here.