Chinese test instruments manufacturer active on European feedback

September 20, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Since its foundation in 1998, Chinese company Rigol Technologies has expanded from its initial 20MHz bandwidth Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO) offerings to deliver 1 GHz families of instruments.

Until recently, the company was only present in Europe through a network of distributors, and mostly known from hobbyists for its low-cost instruments.

Nearly a year ago, and three years after it had established an American sales and support operations office, the company opened up a European branch in Puchheim near Munich, dedicated to help its distributors and local customers. After a year in office, Wolfgang Bartels, Rigol Technologies EU GmbH's Managing Director gave us a glimpse of the company’s view on Europe.

eeNews Europe: Being a Chinese manufacturer, you do leverage very competitive manufacturing costs. Though how is composed the design team?

Wolfgang Bartels: Our design team is mostly composed of local engineers, both veterans and new recruits from university. Some of our veteran designers have been hired from competition, sometimes abroad. One quarter of the company’s employees are R&D engineers, which means we invest a lot in the design and improvement of our instruments.


eeNews Europe: What does Europe represent as a market for you compared to the Chinese market?

W. Bartels: We have 50% of our business in China. The other half is split within the rest of Asia, Africa, America, South America, Canada and Europe. Our highest growth rate is in the US and in Europe.

eeNews Europe: Having established a European presence, what are your revenue trend expectations?

W. Bartels: Since we opened our European office, in October 2011, our sales in Europe have experienced a double digit growth. Because we are able to offer local customer support as well as product trainings and application consulting, our distributors can be much more proactive which benefits our end customers. We also have a small warehouse in Puchheim which enables us to offer a faster response than other Asian manufacturers for units’ replacement or repair.

eeNews Europe: Is this new office going to change the design input for future instruments and what sort of feedback specific