As chosen by you, in 2016

December 23, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
What were the postings that attracted highest levels of attention in our newsletters over all of 2016?

The very many takeovers, mergers & acquisitions stories that appeared here gained much reader interest; and of those, top of the stack – perhaps because it came out-of-the-blue – was the purchase of ARM by Japan’s SoftBank. See; ARM to be acquired by Japanese technology investment co., reports ‘Financial Times’ and ARM agrees to be bought by Japan's Softbank


In product terms, consistently high interest was expressed in low-lost development platforms, modules, and IoT computers; especially all announcements from stables such as Raspberry Pi, or Imagination; or any units offering compatibility with de-facto standards such as Arduino. Highest of all, attracting attention with the headline figure of $5, was Onion Corp’s Omega IoT module. (Original item here). Omega2 (the $5 module) is still listed at the time of writing as due in December 2016; you can catch up with this particular push for pervasive computing at


And, proving that there are some problems that are with us always, and for which any potentially useful product will be seized upon with enthusiasm... Murata’s mini energy storage product UMAL, “Not a battery, not a supercap” but with some aspects of both, for short-term hold-over circuit power, garnered more attention than any other passive device. See; Not a battery or a supercap, but a ‘thin laminate energy device’