In-circuit authentication chip protects against product piracy

October 31, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Original or counterfeit? OPTIGA Trust Security Solutions from Infineon protect IP in small electronic devices and accessories

Counterfeiting is not limited to luxury goods and lifestyle products; it also is prevalent in small electronic devices or even printer cartridges. Infineon's OPTIGA Trust authentication chip helps manufacturers of electronic accessories and replacement parts protect their businesses against damages caused by counterfeiting. Authentication chips can help to reduce the risk of damaging the end-device by using poorly designed pirate products.

”To meet rapidly growing market demand for authentication in electronic devices, we offer a complete solution that meets the design requirements and offers the best security standard of its class,” says Juergen Spaenkuch, Head of Platform Security at Infineon Technologies. "The Infineon OPTIGA Trust solution helps manufacturers of electronic devices, accessories and replacement parts to protect their intellectual property and brands very effectively against counterfeits and to reach their high quality targets."

OPTIGA Trust is a complete solution consisting of a chip and software that can be integrated into headphones, cartridges and electronic replacement parts to authenticate them when connected to the end-device. The end-device can recognise authorised products and reject counterfeits. Features include;

- Strong cryptographic security due to asymmetric encryption (ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography)

- Space and cost savings because a single chip replaces typical two-chip solution

- Minimal development and integration effort; thanks to a complete solution consisting of a chip and software

- Easy-to-integrate Single-Wire host interface

- Small chip size makes it suitable even for small devices such as in-ear headphones

The OPTIGA Trust SLS 10ERE authentication chips come in the USON-3-Package (2 x 3mm).