Classic op-amp gains added programmability for power/performance variations

November 25, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Diodes Inc. has introduced its own variant of the TLC271 programmable op-amp, with a bias-select mode, enabling closer matching of power dissipation and AC performance with the specific requirements of battery-powered consumer and industrial products.

To help extend battery cell life, its low-bias mode helps reduce power dissipation, while medium and high bias modes progressively increase op-amp AC performance. Bias modes can also be dynamically changed, allowing the device to idle in power-saving mode then switch to a defined high-performance mode in response to application demand.

Diodes Incorporated is accompanying the release of its own SO-8 packaged TLC271 with a companion part, the TLC271L. This fixed-metal mask option has the bias-select pin removed and operates continuously in power-saving, low-bias mode.

By reducing supply currents down to 10 µA and operating at a 3V supply voltage, the TLC271 is suitable for a wide range of Li+ battery and energy-efficient MCU supplies. This op-amp provides an optimised output range for low voltage applications by featuring a full rail-to-rail output swing of up to 16V. With typical high input impedance and low bias currents, combined with common-mode and supply-voltage rejection, this is a drop-in replacement part in both commercial temperature (0 to +70ºC) and industrial temperature (-40ºC to +125ºC) grades; $0.27 (50,000)