Clip mounted tri-axial accelerometer for structural and modal testing

February 22, 2013 // By Julien Happich
DJB Instruments has released a new tri-axial accelerometer primarily for use in structural and modal testing. The AT/13 has slotted sides and a slotted base to allow it to be mounted on 5 of its faces by sliding into the accompanying clip.

Users can then mount the clips using normal glue methods and slide the accelerometers in and out of the clip as required. This ensures perfect repeatability for tests without the need for leaving the accelerometer in situ. In addition, for large channel count testing, all accelerometers can be mounted in the same orientation making software set up easier. Manufactured in Titanium for low mass and long life, the AT/13 has three individual sensing elements internally mounted in the three orthogonal axes, this provides excellent performance in each axis with minimal cross axis effects.

Available as charge output or as IEPE voltage output the AT/13 is the first in a family of similar products aimed at modal and structural testing.

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