Close proximity wireless data transfer IC supports 560 Mpbs

October 03, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Toshiba Electronics Europe has added three products to its portfolio of solutions supporting the TransferJet close proximity wireless technology transfer standard.

The industry's smallest TransferJet-enabled SDIO module, the first TransferJet-enabled microSDIO card and the first TransferJet-enabled USB adaptor module will simplify deployment of TransferJet technology for high-speed wireless transfer of large multimedia files between computers, tablets, phones and a wide variety of consumer electronics products – simply by touching two devices together.

In addition to its transceiver IC offering, Toshiba has created the industry’s smallest TransferJet IC module (TJM35420XLG), which simplifies implementation and addresses design challenges associated with compact consumer electronics products. At 4.8x4.8x1.0mm the SDIO IC module is delivered in the industry’s smallest configuration; minimizing mounting footprint in smartphones and other portable devices.

The TransferJet IC module integrates the Toshiba TransferJet transceiver IC, RF components and a crystal oscillator. The TransferJet-enabled microSDIO card (TJM35420USG) can be inserted into a variety of compact, portable products such as smartphones and tablets. It simplifies implementation by integrating a TransferJet transceiver IC, a TransferJet coupler, RF components and a crystal oscillator into a single part. Software development kits are also available.

Toshiba has also released a TransferJet USB adaptor that supports the quick and easy addition of TransferJet communications to larger consumer electronics products.