Cloud-hosted IoT system securely connects ‘edge’ nodes

December 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Wind River has extended its product range in a new direction with the introduction of an edge management system – a cloud-based IoT platform that enables devices to connect securely to a centralised console, providing device management.

Wind River Edge Management System is an integral part of Intel's IoT Platform (Wind River is an Intel company). The platform, Wind River says, provides an end-to-end product portfolio for IoT that addresses management of intelligent devices at the edge, to the gateway, into the network, and up into the cloud.

Edge Management System is a pre-integrated technology stack running from the device to the cloud that has been validated to work out-of-the-box with all Intel IoT Platform components, as well as other IoT vendors’ components. The Edge Management System agent enables cloud connectivity for data capture, rules-based data analysis and response, configuration, and file transfer. It allows users to build industry-specific IoT solutions and integrate disparate enterprise IT systems, using API management. The cloud-based middleware runs from the embedded device up through the cloud to reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Edge Management System features include;

Device management: Remote device management capabilities reduce service costs by enabling remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Security: Secure software updates are integrated with on-device security features such as white listing and integrity monitoring.

Telemetry and analytics: Remote data capture collects sensor and system health data, and transforms them into usable information.

As part of Intel’s IoT Platform, Edge Management System will be integrated and validated with the Intel IoT Gateway, which includes Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, a software development environment that provides pre-integrated and fully tested, ready-to-use components to secure, manage, and connect gateways. Edge Management System supports a wide variety of hardware and operating systems.

"IoT is all about business transformation—transforming machine data into actionable insights to generate new revenue streams, maximize existing infrastructure, and improve business processes," said Jim Douglas, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Wind River.

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