Cloud security application combines mobile device authentication and AES encryption

October 17, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Intrinsic-ID has released an application that puts users back in control of their digital lives. With Saturnus users can easily protect data with their mobile devices before sending it to the cloud.

Relying on Intrinsic-ID's Hardware Intrinsic Security (HIS), Saturnus is claimed to be the first application that offers security based on the combination of a two-factor protection, AES encryption and a software/hardware binding authentication. A mobile phone, tablet or PC equipped with HIS, for exemple embedded on smartcards of partner companies Oberthur Technologies and Inside Secure, can bind the data in the cloud by using the „electronic fingerprint“ of the device together with the user’s password.

Saturnus secures data access for applications such as teleworking or remote health diagnostics. Users can rely on Saturnus to protect their e-mails and SMS data, agenda, financials, payment data and other sensitive data in the cloud. The application also includes an auto fill capability for easy, fast and secure web-based payments.

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