CMOS antenna tuning switch for ultra-thin LTE-Advanced smartphones

August 29, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Antenna tuning boosts antenna efficiency to enable longer battery life, higher data throughput and longer range

Peregrine Semiconductor has announced a single-pole, single throw (SPST) antenna tuning switch for LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) smartphones. This latest addition to Peregrine’s series of tuning devices uses the company's UltraCMOS process using the HaRP and DuNE enhancements for 4G wireless platforms. The PE613010 antenna tuning switch has already been chosen by Pantech for its Vega LTE-A handset.

Peregrine’s tuning products are designed to help 4G handset manufacturers implement tunable antennas, the benefits of which include faster data throughput, smaller size and enhanced overall consumer experience. The PE613010 has on-resistance of 1.2 Ω from 700-2700 MHz. This maximises radiated performance of the antenna in support of higher data throughput, increased battery life and longer range for fewer dropped calls. Manufacturers can achieve this performance while also minimising size in thinner form factor phones. The switch is supplied in a 2 x 2 x 0.55 mm 10-lead QFN package that requires zero external components.

“The emergence of LTE-A networks places significant RF design challenges on handset manufacturers to deliver an optimal user experience despite supporting the ever increasing number of frequency bands and higher data throughput,” said Dylan Kelly, vice president of the mobile wireless solutions business unit at Peregrine Semiconductor.

The PE613010 antenna tuning switch features high RF power handling and ruggedness, while meeting challenging harmonic and linearity requirements of LTE-A with Peregrine’s HaRP technology. With single-pin low voltage CMOS control, all decoding and biasing is integrated on-chip and no external bypassing or filtering components are required. The PE613010 also features ESD tolerance of 2 kV HBM on all pins, providing a monolithically integrated solution for tunable antennas. The PE613010 Evaluation Kit is also available.