CMOS shutter camera delivers 1.3Mpixel images at 60 frames per second

December 21, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The Blackfly camera model BLFY-PGE-13E4 released by Point Grey features a 1.3Mpixel, 60fps, CMOS global shutter sensor available in both monochrome and color. It draws less than 2W of power and comes in a light GigE POE camera package.

Future Blackfly models include 0.5 and 0.9 MP CCD resolutions with excellent quantum efficiency and wide dynamic range. The BFLY-PGE-13E4 model uses the EV76C560 CMOS sensor from e2v which uses a global shutter readout architecture. Global shutter is critical to prevent geometric distortion when capturing images of fast moving objects. The CMOS pixel design on the other hand addresses blooming and smearing artefacts caused by bright sources or reflections in the camera's field of view. The Blackfly BFLY-PGE-13E4 model satisfies industry demand for global shutter CMOS ideal for cost sensitive applications in automation, 3D imaging or license plate recognition. Point Grey's Blackfly camera measures just 29x29x30mm and provides a unique set of features including power over Ethernet, temperature and status monitoring, in-field updatable firmware, color interpolation, look up table, gamma correction, pixel binning functionality, and much more.

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