Coaxial cables and assemblies boast superior phase performance

June 18, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
The Times Microwave Systems phase critical product line includes the recently broadened range of PhaseTrack® cable assemblies employing the company's TF-4 dielectric, and SiO2 dielectric semi-rigid cable assemblies for use in extreme environments.

PhaseTrack® coaxial cables are now available in standard flexible, low smoke flexible, in-the-box flex and semi-rigid versions. Exhibiting superior phase performance with temperature changes, they eliminate the common “phase knee” found in PTFE-based cables. All systems requiring phase stable or phase tracking interconnects will benefit from the performance offered by the PhaseTrack® products, which eliminate PTFE “phase knee”, and offer superior absolute phase performance, with tracking better than 50 ppm. The cables feature low insertion loss and VSWR characteristics and come in flexible and semi-rigid versions.

SiO2 dielectric semi-rigid cable assemblies provide the ultimate in phase tracking performance and support applications with extreme temperature and environmental exposure requirements.