Code analysis technology linked to ADA developer’s tools

July 15, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Vector Software has announced a new measure of tool integration with AdaCore’s CodePeer 3.0 static analysis tool; this, the company says, provides Ada developers with powerful tools for automated code review and validation.

The integration is of the VectorCAST test automation platform with CodePeer 3.0 - AdaCore’s advanced static code analysis tool for Ada, including version 2012. VectorCAST and CodePeer now provide Development and QA teams with the ability to focus test efforts in areas most susceptible to errors. An additional capability allows developers of legacy applications the ability to augment code covered during unit/integration and system test with code considered “clean” by CodePeer. Clean code can be imported into the VectorCAST/CBA (Covered by Analysis) facility to increase coverage levels. Code considered “not clean” would be designated for additional testing with VectorCAST.

AdaCore’s CodePeer 3.0 Advanced Static Analysis tool detects possible run-time errors including: IEEE 754 Floating Point semantics, buffer overflows, integer overflow or wraparound, division by zero, index/range checks, uninitialised variables, unused assignments, redundant and invariant constructs, infinite loops, race conditions, and suspicious implicit contracts in source code.

This latest integration benefits users working with Ada but has some additional certification advantages for those working protection and control systems for Avionics or Railway, where software quality and certification are mandated such as: RTCA D-178B/C, EUROCAE ED-12B/C, or CENELEC, EN 50128.

"Providing combined views of the static and dynamic analysis results offers novel capabilities in terms of efficient verification for high-assurance systems”, said Cyrille Comar, AdaCore President. “The VectorCAST environment allows our customers to get the best of CodePeer static analysis by helping them to concentrate on the parts of the application that are less well covered by dynamic tests."

"With AdaCore’s CodePeer 3.0 advanced static analysis and the VectorCAST Test Automation Platform’s newly engineered features, such as Covered by Analysis, we are able to provide new and legacy Ada developed projects with tools to focus test efforts in areas that will provide the best return on investment”, said William McCaffrey, Chief Operating Officer at Vector Software.

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