Code configuration plug-in for 16-bit PIC development, free from Microchip

January 26, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The MPLAB Code Configurator for Microchip Technology’s MPLAB X IDE speeds and simplifies development of firmware on 8- and 16-bit PIC micrcontrollers. Microchip says that you can more easily develop device initialisation and implement peripheral drivers.

This expansion of the MPLAB Code Configurator Plug-In supports 16-bit PIC MCUs, in addition to the 8-bit devices already supported. Based on the popularity of this tool for 8-bit products, Microchip has added support for more than 50 16-bit devices into the latest release of the MPLAB Code Configurator.

The MPLAB Code Configurator is a free plug-in tool with a GUI for controlling and driving the peripherals inside PIC microcontrollers with simple and clearly documented driver APIs, and now includes support for PIC24 families. It is easy to change peripheral configurations or add/remove peripherals from your project. The generated code is reliable and designed for efficient use of CPU and memory resources.

The tool offers features such as visual setup for I/O pin management with both a chip-level and tabular view. Once a system-level clock rate is set, the tool will automatically calculate timer periods, duty cycles and baud rates for peripherals. With a drag-and-drop style interface, this tool generates easy-to-read code that includes peripheral configuration setup, drivers and pin mapping to efficiently solve application development obstacles.

More than 50 16-bit PIC MCU products in six different families are now supported in this latest release, including the PIC24FJ128GA310, PIC24F16KM204, PIC24FJ128GC010, PIC24FJ128GB204, PIC24FJ64GB004 and PIC24FJ64GA104 families. In addition, more than 140 8-bit PIC MCU products are supported in the latest release including the newly added PIC16LF155X, PIC16F161X, PIC16F17XX and PIC18F14K22 families.

The MPLAB Code Configurator is available via a free download from