Codescape tools provide MIPS software life-cycle development environment

November 20, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Imagination Technologies is introducing Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials and Codescape MIPS SDK Professional: tools designed to provide everything needed for MIPS software development across the entire product lifecycle from SoC design and integration through SoC bringup to end product.

MIPS SDK and MIPS proSDK offer powerful capabilities for developers targeting any MIPS-based platforms, from entry-level MIPS development boards through to high-end multi-core SoC-powered systems.

Imagination, owner of the MIPS IP product range, says that the Codescape tools for MIPS give developers all the options they need, whether they are a student using one of a growing range of low-cost MIPS development boards, or a team of software professionals creating advanced MIPS-based heterogeneous multi-core systems based on the latest MIPS Warrior CPUs. Codescape tools span any of MIPS cores, old or new, and also form a key part of Imagination's plans for development and debug of future heterogeneous systems. The company adds that this will be of increasing value to users as they look to Imagination not just for standalone IP cores, but for customisable IP-based platforms for differentiated SoC products.

The Codescape tools build on the open source GNU compiler and debugger (GCC and GDB) for MIPS, which are fully maintained by Imagination as part of the company’s commitment to the growing open source community around the MIPS CPU architecture. Imagination says it continues to increase its contributions to the open source community, with more than 3x increase in upstream submissions over the past 12 months.

The Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials (MIPS SDK) includes all of the tools and resources needed to get started with MIPS software development, including bootloaders, linkers, example code, and more. This toolkit is available as a free download from Imagination’s website for any developer getting started with MIPS-based software development.

The Codescape MIPS SDK Professional (MIPS proSDK) toolkit provides professional software developers with all the tools needed for advanced MIPS software development. It can be used for anything from low level bringup and evaluation of MIPS-based SoCs, through to complex application software development for a wide range of OS environments from Linux down to bare metal systems. The MIPS proSDK includes the latest Codescape