Coding design win; Sky to use Qt for Sky Q entertainment UI

April 19, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Qt and Sky Q user interface coding
The Qt Company's (Helsinki, Fhnland) Qt cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework has been deployed by Sky in its Sky Q home entertainment system. Qt’s ability to support the development of feature rich, visually appealing UIs and to deliver native performance on multiple hardware platforms has been fundamental to its adoption by Sky.

Sky Q is the company’s next generation home entertainment platform that delivers Fluid Viewing. This enables customers to access content across multiple screens and devices, in and out of the home. For example, customers can pause recordings in one room, and pick up where they left off on another TV or tablet.


The Qt company cites the most important factors in selecting a UI development framework as its ability to create beautiful, compelling and intuitive user controls and the ease with which these can be implemented by the developers. Qt enables rich graphical features to be created that execute at high speed, regardless of the hardware platform. Qt’s cross-platform nature means that, having been developed on one platform, an application can easily be deployed on other platforms with minimal effort.


Juhapekka Niemi, Executive Vice President – Sales & Business Development, The Qt Company, commented: “Sky has created an awesome next generation home entertainment system with Sky Q and we are proud that Qt has been a key part of this solution. Today, because of smartphones and tablets, consumers expect slick graphics, fast response and portability; these are exactly the benefits that Qt facilitates with a unique blend of QML and web technologies that no other technology solution can provide.”


The Qt Company;