Coiled ‘ResilientFlex’ delivers 12 Gbps to complex, small and lightweight applications

October 28, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Molex’ ResilientFlex coiled assembly supports high speed signal transmission applications (such as SATA, SAS, etc.,) requiring flexible, expandable packaging for high-signal frequencies demanding tight impedance control and 12.0 Gbps data rates and beyond.

The ResilientFlex coiled assembly is based on technology that enables hot-swapping connections in removable-media applications, such as hot-swapping within storage drawers. The assembly can be implemented in both self-coiling flex circuit assembly or mechanically assisted coiling features that can extend electrical-connection lengths up to 558.80 mm (22.00 in.) beyond the installed length.

The ResilientFlex coiled assembly can be terminated with either Molex connectors, such as backplane and board-to-board connectors, or interposers— any Z-axis compression connection that has a separable interface to the flex and PCB.

“The ResilientFlex coiled assembly is a standalone solution that requires no additional application hardware,” said Greg Kuchuris, marketing manager, Molex. “It can occupy as little as a 25.40 mm coiled diameter and flex width, and is ideal for drawer type applications where movement is required while maintaining connectivity. Differential signalling and power can both be integrated in to the same assembly.”

Features include;

- A self-coiling technology design that eliminates the need for additional coiling hardware, or additional options for mechanically assisted coiling hardware customised to meet application requirements.

- Ability to connect to high-speed connectors, such as backplane and board-to-board connectors, so it supports tight impedance control and data rates of 6.0 Gbps, 12.0 Gbps, and beyond.

- A 28 in. overall flat, flex length that provides up to 22 in. (558.80 mm) connection-extension lengths.

- Termination with any Molex high-speed connector, meaning it can be used in multiple removable-media applications, hot-swapping within storage drawers.

- Termination with any interposer, regardless of the number of positions or pitch, so it provides a low-profile, 0.80mm (0.031") pitch, low-loss connection.