COM Express Basic module hosts 14nm Xeon processors and Intel Iris Pro graphics

July 15, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
congatec’s conga-TS97 computer module, an addition to its COM Express Basic portfolio is- the company says, its first COM Express module to deliver server-grade performance for demanding graphics applications.

Carrying either Intel Core or Intel Xeon processors (codename Broadwell) manufactured in 14nm technology and features Intel Iris Pro technology – Intel’s most powerful processor-integrated graphics and media engine supporting fast 3D rendering and realistic shading at high frame rates.

The conga-TS97 high-end module is designed for any industry sector where applications with customised I/O and IoT interface configurations must meet the highest performance standards in the smallest space. While the Intel Core processor-based modules are suited for applications ranging from industrial automation to medical, retail and gaming, the Intel Xeon processor-based modules are designed for industry-standard server platforms. Areas of application include carrier-grade edge node servers as well as industrial cloud servers with high packing density and/or minimum footprint. The high graphics performance of the integrated Intel Iris Pro technology, useful in carrier-grade applications for content delivery platforms with real time video transcoding and network functions virtualisation (NFV), will also work well in industrial applications to fulfil important situational awareness tasks - for example in autonomous vehicles. GPGPU-based applications can also be found in parallel deep packet inspection or content encryption and decryption. For server-based applications, the graphics engine delivers distributed clients responsive 3D performance for CAD, 3D modelling and video rendering.

The conga-TS97 modules are equipped with 14nm quad-core Intel Core and Xeon processors and offer 6 MB of L2 cache with a TDP of 47W. The following Intel processors are supported: Core i7-5700EQ, Core i7-5850EQ, Xeon E3-1258L v4 and E3-1278L v4. Thanks to 32 GB 1600 DDR3L memory support, the modules meet server-grade requirements and are specifically designed for use in data-intensive applications. With support for AVX 2.0, SSE 4.2 and OpenCL 2.0, the new modules are also capable of processing high-parallel tasks quickly and efficiently.

The integrated Intel Gen 8 HD Graphics scales to Intel Iris Pro P6300 with 48 execution units. This allows operation at 60 Hz of up to three independent 4K displays (3840