Combined DMM & thermal imager – in distribution

January 11, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor RS Components has FLIR’s all-in-one digital multimeter and thermal imager for electrical maintenance applications, a handheld unit with built-in ‘Infrared Guided Measurement’ technology for safe detection of electrical issues and hotspots from distance.

FLIR’s DM284 imaging multimeter is a high-quality professional all-in-one true-RMS digital multimeter and thermal imager targeting maintenance engineers, panel builders and electricians. The new device is suitable for use in the field and especially for those working on commercial electric and light industrial applications or on HVAC systems. The display provides a 160 x 120 FLIR thermal image. Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) caters for measurement of variable quantities such as temperature together with voltage and current.


Offering a specially designed easy-to-read big-digit screen, the DM284 has a simple and intuitive user interface along with various thermal colour palettes including: iron; rainbow; greyscale; greyscale with red hot spot; and greyscale with blue cold spot. Built-in work lights and laser pointer help users to access areas where there are low levels of light, while pinpointing the location of the problem with the device’s thermal imaging capability.

The DM284 offers a total of 18 measurement functions, including true-RMS, VFD mode for motors and drive controllers, low impedance (LoZ) measurements and non-contact voltage (NCV) detection. The device also comes with test probes and a Type K thermocouple input. The hand-held unit has been drop-tested and is IP rated for splash and water resistance. It can also be used with the flexible clamp option.