Combined (U)SIM and (U)SAT handset conformance testing platform

November 28, 2012 // By Julien Happich
All GSM, W-CDMA and LTE conformance tests according to GCF/PTCRB defined standards can now be performed using a test platform with one single network simulator, the Anritsu MD8475A.

The Comprion SIMfony MD8475A is listed as TP 126 at GCF and is the first validated test platform for executing combined (U)SIM and (U)SAT tests for all 3GPP network standards.

Combined card interface tests are required for handset type approval. They are performed by using a (U)SIM and a network simulator. In the past, the test systems have been designed for testing either 2G/3G or for LTE network technologies. Now, Comprion's combined handset test solution has been enlarged by a new family member covering all the 3GPP radio network standards with only one network simulator, the new signalling tester Anritsu MD8475A.

The company also offers tests beyond the 3GPP scope of specifications, e.g. OMA Smart Card Web Server tests as well as test case packages according to carrier test plans. The SIMfony system works seamlessly with the signalling tester. All procedures and tests are integrated and controlled using the GUI of the (U)SIM simulator.


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