Compact coaxial Ka-Band line amplifier

June 13, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Model AMF-6F-17702200-50-17P has been added to MITEQ's family of Ka-Band, single bias, coaxial line amplifiers.

This LNA has over 35 dB of gain from 17.7 GHz to 22.0 GHz, in a housing that is only 0.72-inches long and 0.75-inches wide without the field replaceable K-connectors.

Gain flatness is a maximum of 3.0 dB peak-to-peak, though typical is less than 2.0 dB. The AMF-6F-17702200-50-17P has a maximum noise figure of 5.0 dB in the full band, though the typical value is less than 3 dB. It operates from -40 to +75°C of base temperature, has a P1dB minimum of +17 dBm, output IP3 of typically +25 dBm, and a current draw of 300 mA maximum from a single +15-V DC supply. Port VSWR is typically less than 2:1 for both input and output.

An aluminum case provides excellent thermal characteristics. Hermetic sealing and low noise figure options are available.