Compact optical switch for non-contact switching applications

March 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Everlight’s reflective type opto interrupter ITR1201 integrates an infrared emitter and a silicon phototransistor in a plastic double moulding housing

Everlight Electronics’ reflective type opto interrupter ITR1201SR10A/TR, in its ITR series of reflective sensors, is for use in printers, copiers, scanners and for non-contact switching environments such as use as a proximity sensor. It is a light reflection switch which includes a GaAs IR-LED and an NPN phototransistor with a highly photosensitive receiver for short distances, operating in the infrared range. Other key features are a fast response time, a very stable collector current, a cut-off visible wavelength of below 700 nm and an improved MSL (moisture sensitivity level) from level 4 to 3.

The double moulding manufacturing process employed, compared to the traditional glue dispense manufacturing process results in a smoother surface which not only enhances the look but also raises the reliability. The ITR1201 has a flat profile of only 1.5 mm