Compiler upgrade boosts system performance with Renesas RL78

April 17, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Renesas Electronics has updated its development environment for the RL78 family of microcontrollers; a revised C compiler increases microcontroller processing performance while contributing to lower power consumption

The CC-RL C compiler can be used in combination with the e² studio (eclipse embedded studio) integrated development environment. It provides improved MCU processing performance by employing the latest optimisation technology.

The most significant feature of the CC-RL C compiler is the improvement in MCU processing performance it achieves. The performance of programs coded in standard ANSI C, is significantly improved as compared to the existing Renesas compilers, without any changes to the code itself. Interrupt response is improved by up to six times. These performance improvements can contribute significantly to higher performance in application systems. Additionally, the CC-RL compiler includes porting support functions for porting from earlier compilers. This allows the users to make effective use of existing software assets.

The compiler contributes to reduced power consumption in user systems. Most systems alternate between running in the normal state and waiting in the standby state, where almost no power is consumed. Due to the speed improvements achieved, the time spent in the normal state is reduced, and the time spent in the standby state increases by that amount. This allows the MCU's power consumption to be reduced. The CC-RL C compiler generates code that is 10% smaller than that generated by earlier Renesas C compilers.

The CC-RL C compiler includes functions for checking items in the MISRA-C:2004 guidelines. Since these checks are performed automatically at compile time, missed checks and incorrect file specifications are prevented. These functions can correct all coding that violates the guidelines. The CC-RL C compiler is available in a standard version and a professional version; MISRA-C checking functions are only included in the professional version.