Complete 21x54mm drive solution delivers up to 360W of peak power

March 26, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Technosoft's iPOS3604 VX intelligent servo drive offers up to 360 W of peak power on a very compact board measuring only 21x54mm. Specifically developed to be PCB embedded, iPOS3604 VX can be mounted vertically or horizontally onto a motherboard.

The plug-in card format of the iPOS3604 card (just 56x29x7mm) makes it ideal for assembly in critical-space applications. Several drives can be hosted on a single motherboard. The use of slot connectors will help machine builders to save time and reduce cabling costs. The iPOS3604 VX combines controller, drive and PLC functionality into a single unit and is able to control brushless DC, brushless AC (vector control), DC brushed and step motors of up to 144W (36V, 4A) continuous power. Equipped with a CAN interface, iPOS3604 has the flexibility to operate in CANopen and TMLCAN protocols. The EtherCAT interface is available using an additional EtherCAT module. Typical feedback devices include incremental encoders, digital and linear Hall signals. SSI, BiSS, EnDAT encoders and resolver interfaces are available through additional extensions. 

The unit performs position, speed or torque control and works in single-axis, multi-axis or stand-alone configurations. Complex motion profiles (PVT, S-curves, electronic camming and gearing) can be executed directly on the drive using its built-in motion controller and the high-level Technosoft Motion Language instruction set. The drive commissioning and the motion programming are straightforward with Technosoft’s integrated development environment — EasyMotion Studio — that lets engineers take advantage of the drive's embedded intelligence.

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