Compliance testing application for SFP+ and QSFP+ Ethernet standards

November 13, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent Technologies has introduced a compliance testing application for devices that use SFP+ (enhanced small form-factor pluggable) standards in networking and server applications.

Agilent’s solution for transmitter tests includes SFP+ and optional QSFP+ (quad-enhanced small form-factor pluggable) test standards as described in the SFF-8431 specification. The N6468A SFP+ Ethernet compliance application can be used with all currently shipping Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes that have bandwidths of 25 GHz or more.

The growth of telecommunications and data communications between network devices such as servers, routers and media converters has intensified demand for greater bandwidth between these devices. SFP+ and QSFP+ technologies, which allow a large number of devices to communicate across fibre optic and copper cables, are widely used in networking hardware.

The Agilent SFP+ compliance application provides an automated test script that allows engineers to test transmitter signals. The compliance application can test SFP+ and, optionally, QSFP+ devices with Agilent’s switch matrix option. The compliance application can be automated to run over extended periods of time, and it allows engineers to add incremental user-defined tests if desired.