Compression and security coprocessors for data analytics, storage and cloud security

October 16, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Exar has expanded its range of compression and security solutions with XR9200 Coprocessor family, for high performance applications for the data analytics, storage, and cloud security markets, which include Data Warehouses, Hadoop Clusters, Storage Arrays, Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), WAN Optimisation Appliances, and Security Gateways.

Exar’s coprocessors provide compression to remove or minimise costly I/O bottlenecks and enable maximum system throughput with minimum latency, while optimising storage efficiency. The XR9200’s hardware-accelerated encryption and public key processing enables the secure infrastructure needed to support high transaction throughput and packet-per-second rate required by enterprise, cloud and web-based applications. The new family of coprocessors offloads computationally intensive compression and security algorithms from a host CPU and matches the performance of hundreds of enterprise class x86 CPU cores at much lower power and cost.

Features include;

• 40 Gigabits/sec of processing throughput with simultaneous compression, encryption and hashing

• Compression ratios comparable to Level 9 gzip

• 40,000 operations/sec of RSA with 2048-bit keys

• PCI Express 3.0 host interface supporting 64 Gigabits/sec of bandwidth with 8 lanes

• 40 Gigabit/sec Interlaken interface supports external FPGA connection

• Class of Service to prioritise traffic for critical applications

• Single Root I/O Virtualisation (SRIOV) integrates 128 virtual functions to support virtualised I/O

• Support for gzip, zlib, Deflate, and eLZS

• Support for a wide range of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms

• Support for Suite B, multiple wireless algorithms, hardware Random Number Generation, and NIST compliant DRBG

• Security Containment features include a Key Unwrap engine and a Key Encryption Key store with Tamper Zeroisation

The XR9200 family of devices offers a wide range of performance options from 10 Gbit/sec to 40 Gbit/sec. The device family comes standard with a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is compatible with the XR8200 family of coprocessors.