Conference considers security developments in MISRA-C Coding Standard

March 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
A key workshop at this year's UK Device Developers' Conference will inform engineers, programmers and computer scientists on the latest developments to the MISRA-C coding standard, a set of guidelines to aid the development of safety related software.

The Conference workshop will explain how, due to the IoT, the MISRA-C standard initially targeted safety, but is now also looking at security.


The UK Device Developers' Conference is an event for technologists working in the fields of embedded systems and realtime software, taking place at Cambourne near Cambridge on the 27th and 28th April.

MISRA is a collaboration between manufacturers, component suppliers and engineering consultancies in many industries including aerospace, defence and automotive, which seeks to promote best practice in developing safety-related electronic systems in critical and other embedded systems. MISRA produced MISRA C, a set of guidelines to aid the development of safety related systems in "C" in the automotive world. Since then, MISRA C has been adopted by the wider embedded systems community and has become the dominant, international coding guidelines for the use of "C" in critical systems.


"Whilst MISRA-C initially targeted safety it is now also looking at security," said Chris Hills of Phaedrus Systems. "At a source code level it can be the same thing and at other times not. With increasingly large numbers of embedded devices becoming “connected” they need more than just internal integrity, care needs to be taken to stop intentional misuse rather than simply producing reliable code. We will look at how the latest MISRA C developments will address this requirement."


This 3-hour workshop will be presented jointly by Andrew Banks of Frazer-Nash Research, the Chairman of the MISRA C Working Group, and the following members of the MISRA-C Working Group: Chris Tapp from software testing experts LDRA, Jill Britton from Programming Research the static analysis experts and Chris Hills from software development tools specialist Phaedrus Systems.


Those that are new to MISRA C will benefit from Chris Tapp's section of the workshop that will explore "What does MISRA compliance mean to someone producing code? ", "What does it involve?", "How do I support my