Configurable PXI multiplexer switches 60V

September 08, 2015 // By Susan Nordyk
Equipped with solid-state relays, the Model 40-681 PXI multiplexer from Pickering Interfaces offers a range of selectable switching configurations, allowing the unit to adapt to different test requirements and targets. The long-life relays are capable of hot or cold switching at up to ±60 VAC peak or DC and 350 mA continuous (1.5A for 100 msec).

The 3U PXI module is software-configurable for a number of multiplexer modes. Multiplexer banks can be set in one-pole or two-pole mode, and interbank switching enables the channel count to be increased up to a maximum of 128 channels.

The 40-681 operates as a conventional multiplexer with break-before-make action when a new channel is selected. For two-pole configurations, multiple channels can be simultaneously selected without restriction. For one-pole configurations, the channels that can be simultaneously selected are limited by the use of two-pole switching.

The Model 40-681 costs $1463 and is supported by Pickering’s eBIRST switching-system test tools. eBIRST simplifies troubleshooting the switching system by quickly finding and identifying faulty relays.

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