Connector improves assembly of Sharp Mini Zenigata LED

February 06, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
TE Connectivity has introduced a LED Holder, Type Z32, for the Sharp Electronics Mini Zenigata LED. The small, low profile, circular Type Z32 LED Holder provides a quick and easy solderless power connection to the Sharp Mini Zenigata LED chip on board family, enabling designs to be more reliable, easier to use, and faster to market.

The Type Z32 eliminates hand solder operations reducing costs associated with assembly and rework. Direct attachment of the LED Holder to the heat sink using standard screws secures the LED without damaging or cracking the substrates that could lead to latent field defects.

The Type Z32 provides a snap-in LED retention feature that makes handling Sharp Mini Zenigata LEDs easier and faster to install into fixtures. The holder simplifies the design by providing the proper thermal hold down forces and provides an excellent landing zone for secondary optics.

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