Controller makes wall switches Z-Wave compliant

November 28, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Home automation hardware vendor Aeon Labs has introduced the second iteration of its Micro Smart Switch product family. Micro Smart Switch is a flush-mounted Z-Wave controller. Designed for new as well as for retrofit home automation components, the Micro Smart Switch turns any wall-mounted switch into a fully features Z-Wave switch.

The second edition of the Micro Smart Switches is particularly designed for invisible installation in the walls of a home. This solution powers the complete home automation installation as well as the device control and the lighting. This kind of installation is a further step of Aeon Labs in designing convenient yet functional hardware for home automation applications.

The second edition of the Micro Smart Switches offers a number of improvements and optimizations over the first edition. The devices are just a little bit bigger than a stack of coins. Homeowners and office building managers benefit from the reliable Z-Wave technology such as manual, cable-less automation and control, the entirely optimized antenna as a result of a reworked design and the complete energy consumption monitoring. Designed to meet international standards and demand, the new Micro Smart Switch also allows to convert wall switching products from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America as well as Great Britain into Z-Wave wall switches.

The Micro Smart Switch is the first product of Aeon Labs' second edition of Z-Wave compliant hardware. Past September the company announced to develop another 20 Z-Wave products which will hit the markets in part already in 2012 or at latest in 2013.

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