Cost effective one-optic solution for emergency exit route lights

January 07, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Exit routes need to be efficiently lit in order to evacuate buildings safely. Escape route lighting fixtures are often powered with built-in batteries in case of power supply failures. This sets high demands for the power consumption and efficiency of the fixture.

The Emerald optic from Finnish lighting company LEDiL Oy answers these demands. It is designed to be a one-LED, one-optic solution for exit route lighting. With Emerald's wide beam distribution it is possible to achieve EN 1838 compliant lighting for installation height to distance ratios up to and beyond 1:7.

Extended illumination range and single LED design reduces costs of the fixture and installation significantly. Lighting fixtures can be made very small and unnoticeable. Another benefit is the compatibility with various lighting class LEDs manufactured by Cree, Osram, Nichia or Philips Lumileds. Efficiency is rated at 94 %. The devices also features an extremely wide batwing light distribution.

The device offers easy and accurate mounting with 
positioning pins and easy installing with optional adhesive tape.

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