Credit-card-sized instrument front-ends access to on-line measurement functions

July 22, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Today's instruments, measuring real world signals, are bulky, quite expensive, not open and therefore difficult to integrate into modern computer networks. Startup company Red Pitaya says all this is about to change with a standalone credit card size instrument that can be accessed by most Web browsers, soon available on Kickstarter.

For $299, the company offers an instrument stripped down to its absolute essentials, that is the high performance measurement and communication functionality. Smartphones and tablets make the connection to an ecosystem called Bazaar, a free-of-charge marketplace where open source applications are available within a single click for immediate use.

Initial out-of-the-box applications include oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, arbitrary signal generator, frequency response analyser and PID controller.

New applications can be easily developed in the Backyard, which contains an organised repository with the corresponding open source code and tools necessary for developing applications. Advanced users can learn directly by modifying the source code and therefore share new applications with others.

Red Pitaya is expected to find applications in education, DIY, engineering, physics, machine vision, learning, precise mechanics, startups, SDR, home laboratories, industrial quality control and others.

The concept was created by a team of young researchers with a background in the field of high performance technologies for particle accelerators, that have been working for Instrumentation Technologies, a world leader in this field. Their vision is to enable people to start using technologies, yesterday available only to advanced research laboratories and industry.

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