Cree extends product guarantee in some geographies

November 28, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LED manufacturer Cree has announced to offer a product guarantee of ten years. With the move, Cree intends to highlight its commitment to high-quality lighting solutions. Unclear however is why this guarantee only applies to products available in the US and in Italy.

"By extending our warranty to ten years we make clear that we are absolutely convinced of the long operating lifetime and the outstanding quality of our LEDs", said Ty Mitchell, Executive Vice President in Cree's Lighting division. "This move is based on our leadership position in R&D for LED components, the sound financial standing of the enterprise and the fact that some of the lighting systems with the longest operating life have been provided by Cree.

The extended warranty applies for almost all commercially available Cree luminaires for interior and exterior lighting applications. It applies for products of which more than 10% of all LEDs fail to illuminate and also covers drivers. Not covered are downlights oft the CR series. And it only applies to products purchased on or after the effective date.

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