Crocus Technology’s magnetic sensor ICs, now available in distribution

July 25, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
The CTSX100, 200 and 300 series devices are now in volume production; they employ Crocus’ Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) technology for higher performance and lower cost in multiple consumer and industrial sensing applications.

Ismosys is sampling the Crocus' CTSX Series of MLU-technology magnetic field sensor ICs that offer;

Proprietary differential programming

High resolution

High sensitivity – much greater than Hall Effect sensors

Low hysteresis

Excellent linearity

Excellent frequency response.

Contactless DC and AC current sensing capabilities

Low power consumption

Up to 250⁰ C operating temperature - unmatched by competing products

The new devices are suitable for position, rotation & speed sensing applications and are also applicable to switching and current sensing applications - where they can be used to replace bulky coils and transformers. Evaluation boards for current sensing applications are scheduled to become available towards the end of August '14.

CTX100 Series devices, CTX200 Series devices and CTX300 Series devices all exhibit high sensitivity and excellent linearity, together with an input resistance of 70Ω. Output resistance of the devices is in the range Ro < 1 kΩ, Ro < 25 kΩ, and Ro < 25 kΩ respectively.

The CTX100 Series is designed exclusively to operate with a low voltage supply of 1.2V whilst the CTX200 and CTX300 Series devices are able to work with a supply voltage in the range 1.2V to 15V. All three device families are shipped in the 16-pin QFN package.

CTSX Series magnetic sensors address the requirements of a wide variety of market segments including: smart meters, RCCDs, solar combiner boxes; server farms/storage network power monitors; electric vehicle battery and power monitoring; mains current/voltage monitoring in power supplies; stall current detection in power tools and open/close/tamper monitoring on cases and enclosures all kinds. Benefits to customers come in the form of significantly lower power consumption, robust design and lower total-solution cost. The wide temperature performance of the CTSX magnetic sensors, adds Ismosys, makes them a suitable choice for emerging automotive applications.


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