Current sense resistors add 0805 chip size, rated at 0.5W in resistance values from 10 up to 100 milliohms

July 25, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The CSRF series from Stackpole is a foil on ceramic carrier technology which can achieve lower resistance values than thick film technology and offers excellent TCR of as low as 50 ppm.

The CSRF0805 is rated at 0.5 watts and is available in resistance values from 10 milliohms up to 100 milliohms, in 1% and 5% tolerances, and 50 ppm TCR. The CSRF is a good choice for portable power supplies, battery management, voltage regulators, portable barcode scanners, portable communications devices, portable medical diagnostic and imaging equipment, instrumentation, industrial controls, and lighting.

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