Customised OLED displays created with laser manufacturing process

June 13, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At the LOPE-C trade fair for organic and printed electronics, 4JET Technologies introduced a laser process for customisation and optimisation of organic LEDs (OLEDs). The method drastically simplifies the production of customer-specific OLEDs.

The technology is a joint development with Novaled AG. The innovation allows defined customisation or grey-scaling of standard OLEDs even after the process of encapsulation. It also enables optimising lighting density and is able to isolate short circuits. 

The new SLAM (Selective Layer Modification) process allows OLED signage products to be created individually, and allows for individual logos or patterns. 
The use of ultra short laser pulses leaves no visible traces in the processed area when the OLED is turned off. 

Flexible laser processing of the delicate films requires no lithography processes. For the first time custom tailored signage applications can be created after manufacturing of the OLEDs.

 4JET and Novaled will jointly commercialise the SLAM process. 4JET offers both fully integrated production systems, as well as job shop processing of OLEDs.