Data logger allows greater sensor selection with more combinations

February 07, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Developed by the Swiss technology company MSR Electronics GmbH, the MSR145 mini data logger allows users to select up to five sensors of the same measurand.

It can also be equipped with fluid pressure sensors for the first time and temperature measurements are now possible for an extended measuring range from -250 to 1200°C. Optionally, users can connect up to 5 temperature, humidity or pressure sensors to the MSR145, or can combine various sensors with one another. In addition to temperature, humidity or pressure, one can – depending on the number of channels already assigned – further select an acceleration sensor or choose 2 or 4 additional analogue inputs.

To measure the pressure of fluids such as water or oil, the MSR145 mini data logger can now be equipped with an external pressure sensor for an absolute measuring range of either 0 to 3000mbar or 0 to 30bar. The unit logs data at a rate that is programmable from one time per second, up to every 12 hours.

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