Data logger handles complex floating point mathematics

September 18, 2012 // By Julien Happich
HED has announced a versatile data logger that can serve as a data logger as well as the system master or an input/ output module.

This module contains a powerful 32-bit microcontroller proficient at handling complex floating point mathematics. It also is equipped with a soldered SD chip capable of storing up to 8GB of data along with handling the shock and vibration of a mobile environment. The module features a USB host port which allows an auto download function to a memory stick. Data can also be extracted wirelessly via an optional Wi-Fi or GSM Modem interface. Other features include a real time clock for time stamp data, an integrated 3 axis accelerometer for accident detection, a 5VDC (500mA) supply to power external sensors, up to3 CAN communication channels to collect data from multiple CAN networks and up to 12 inputs/ 2 PWM outputs.

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