Datang Telecom and Conemtech win major contract for time and frequency synchronization of next generation mobile network

March 01, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Datang Telecom Technology Co. Ltd., and Conemtech AB are the beneficiaries of one of the industry’s largest contract awards to date as the world largest mobile operator selects the Datang GNSS-97-P300 for its deployment of a nationwide PTP service. Datang Telecom (DTT) and Conemtech AB are to provide over half of the 300 largest cities with Time Servers requested for the new generation networks in the second phase of the operator’s deployment program for PTP service. Installation for the roll-out of the new PTP service is starting without delay.

The increase of subscribers and new mobile services leads inevitably to an increasing number of subscriber entry points in the cellular networks. For a large scale network with many small cell sites a synchronization service of high quality means better user experiences and a higher utilization of the frequency spectrum provided to provide services to the increased number of subscribers. The GNSS-97-P300 from Datang Telecom with its multiple time sources targets exactly this packet network synchronization market providing a Precise Time Protocol (PTP) Time Service to 3G/4G/LTE networks.

With this investment program, the operator has taken a lead in the installation of PTP synchronized networks and other large worldwide operators as well as the national Chinese power grids are expected to follow. This is also supported by the launch of the Chinese GNSS Beidou satellite system providing a very accurate alternative source for this synchronization service.

Datang and Conemtech started a cooperation in 2009 to develop a state-of-the-art timeserver according to the standard IEEE1588-2008 tailored, but not only, to the requirements of the Chinese market and the mobile operator in particular. The resulting Time server GNSS-97-P300 is an outstanding result of this Chinese Swedish partnership between Datang Telecom and Conemtech AB. It already won a close to majority share of the Phase I business of the operator and was this time once again considered the best product offering among the offers for the Phase II in the latest award.