DC brushed motor driver for high current/voltage applications

March 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba has added a 1-channel DC brush motor driver IC for industrial equipment; TB67H303HG is the first monolithic IC to deliver 10A output current with 50V withstand voltage.

High output current and voltage are required for motor driver circuits have been difficult to design circuits a single driver IC, for thermal reasons; multiple discrete semiconductors are generally used in order to reduce heat generation in each component. Housed in an HZIP25 package that enables high power dissipation, TB67H303HG can sustain a 10A output current without overheating. This reduces the need for designers specifying the IC to use multiple discrete semiconductor devices, contributing the simplification and downsizing of applications.

TB67H303HG uses the latest high voltage analogue process, reducing ON resistance to 0.2Ω or less - 80% that of its predecessor. The motor driver can be operated in two driving modes: standard direct PWM mode, or constant current PWM mode. Both driving modes support Forward, Reverse, Short brake, and Stop functions when used with a single brush motor.

The IC also incorporates abnormality detection functions such as thermal shutdown circuit, over-current detection, and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) circuit.

Toshiba Electronics Europe; www.toshiba-components.com