DC electronic load limits heat dissipation with energy return to AC mains

August 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Interpro Systems’ ELR9000 Series is designed for power supply, battery and other dc load testing; it offers full suite of load test options and includes a synchronised ac output that can return over 90% of load energy to the utility grid.

A unique feature of the ELR9000 Series is its integral, grid-synchronised inverter designed to return up to 95% of the load test energy back to the grid. The rack-mounted unit is available, off-the shelf, with output ratings of 3.5 kW, 7 kW and 10.5 kW — scalable to 105 kW.

The ELR9000 Series offers four common regulation modes: constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance and constant power. The FPGA-based controls include a function generator and a table-based regulation circuit for the simulation of non-linear internal resistances. Intepro’s PowerStar 6 software package enables the creation of test routines using a drag-and-drop menu where coding can be performed without programming.

“Our new ELR9000 Series of electronic DC loads offers all the necessary features of today’s electronic loads - plus the added benefit of energy recovery to mains,” said Gerard Sheehan, Intepro's Chief Technical Officer. “Recovering the load energy reduces energy costs. It also offers a cost-effective alternative to the expensive cooling systems used by conventional air- and water-cooled loads to dissipate energy as heat.”

Intepro Systems; www.inteproATE.com