DC-HSUPA network testing and measurements through user equipment emulation

December 06, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Aeroflex' TM500 Test Mobile now supports full protocol stack UE (user equipment) emulation that enables network testing and measurements for the DC-HSUPA (Dual Cell High-Speed Upload Packet Access) standard specified in 3GPP W-CDMA Release 9.

DC-HSUPA allows a UE to simultaneously transmit data over two independent enhanced uplink data channels, boosting both the uplink data rate and the network capacity, enabling maximum per-UE uplink data rates approaching 23Mbps - effectively doubling the maximum rate.

The TM500 DC-HSUPA Test Mobile enables 3G infrastructure equipment manufacturers to perform rigorous performance testing of their DC-HSUPA base station, speeding up the development of infrastructure equipment and its deployment in networks. The TM500 provides the detailed measurement data required by infrastructure engineers for rapid diagnosis of engineering issues, prior to the availability of actual handsets. The TM500 Test Mobile offers all the capabilities of a mobile handset or set of mobile handsets, with advanced test functionality for comprehensive 3GPP verification, validation, and optimization.

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