Debugger support for TI C66x DSPs, from Lauterbach

October 28, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Lauterbach's TRACE32 debug technology now supports Trace for Texas Instruments Keystone C66x devices.

"Many customers around the world are working with complex multicore devices that contain both microprocessors cores and DSPs," said Barry Lock, UK Manager. "The TRACE32 tools will now provide the C66x microprocessor developer with a comprehensive debug environment that will help to save development time and ensure the end project meets its specification."

The trace tools of TRACE32 connect to the integrated trace port on the target cores and records program flow and data trace information directly from the core in real time. This recording provides the developer with fast and logical troubleshooting capabilities to detect complex errors that only occur under run-time conditions. The time-stamped program flow/data trace can be analysed to provide an overall view of the system performance as well as quality assurance features such as code coverage and cache analysis. Fast trace evaluation and analysis are guaranteed through advanced compression technologies and speed-optimised system software. With a trace buffer of up to 4GB and the possibility of unlimited streaming to the host computer, a large amount of program and data flow information can be collected and analysed.