Debugging tool supports safety-oriented Linux edition

April 16, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The Trace32 debugging tool from Lauterbach GmbH is now available for ElinOS, an embedded Linux product from Sysgo. ElinOS runs under Sysgo's safety and security optimised operating System PikeOS as a 'personality'.

PikeOS developers were already able to use Trace32; the PikeOS awareness provides access to PikeOS resources such as partitions, processes and threads. Because PikeOS is also a virtualisation platform, it is important to be able to debug any application, whatever partition or type of partition (called personality in the PikeOS terminology) this application belongs to.

The new version of Lauterbach's Kernel awareness now provides now the possibility to debug any thread of ELinOS, used as PikeOS Linux personality, and in SMP mode if needed. The first implementation has been implemented on Freescale's i.MX6 series platform. Further platforms will be available soon.

Performance analysis on PikeOS tasks and Linux processes can be performed, showing when and which task was running, how much time each task consumed and how often it was pre-empted. Trace32 gathers all this information in real-time and non-intrusively, thus not affecting the customer's application. To comply with the full MMU support of PikeOS, Trace32 also includes full MMU support, so the user is able to debug several tasks in different PikeOS partitions concurrently. In addition to debug ELinOS processes, the new implementation allows the developer to access the ELinOS kernel.

All features that the Trace32 debugger provides for the PikeOS RTOS are implemented without any changes to the application or kernel. There are no patches, hooks or additional instrumentations of the code.