Design compact drives with single module housing 3x ½-bridges

December 23, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Vincotech's flow90PACK 0 power module integrates several power modules into one housing size for 90° PCB mounting. Featuring three half-bridges up to 1200V / 35A with open emitters, you can use this module in designs such as multiple-axis servo drives where space is at a premium.

A development of Vincotech's flow90 1 housing, the flow90 0 housing is a space-saving unit that does not require costly L-shaped heat-sinks. flow90PACK 0 not only works with standard heat-sink formats, it is also easy to mount; the module simply clips into the PCB.

Both the new flow90 0 housing and standard modules feature the same dimensions (33 x 66 mm) and power and chip options. Consequently, flow90PACK 0 is suited for a similar range of products – the selection of layouts and topologies being limited only by the special pinning concept. With a slim housing, this module is suitable for bookshelf sized systems with multiple modules.