Design software release incorporates FPGA silicon updates

June 06, 2013 // By EDN
Lattice Diamond v2.2 and iCEcube2 (v2013-03) tools provide access to innovative, compact, low-power FPGA solutions

Lattice Semiconductor's Lattice Diamond v2.2 software is the latest release of its flagship FPGA logic design software; and iCEcube2 (v2013-03) is the company’s design environment for the iCE40 device family. These new releases support new additions to Lattice’s ultra-low density FPGA product line that are ideal for low-power, low-cost, space-constrained systems. These software releases will also provide access to an array of additional new Lattice products. Moreover, iCE40 FPGA designers will now have a choice of synthesis tools to help achieve their power, space, and cost objectives.

With support from Lattice Diamond v2.2 design software, the MachXO2 4000 FPGA is now available in the compact 184-ball csBGA package, which provides up to 150 I/Os in an 8 by 8-mm footprint. The low-power, instant-on, non-volatile device, with 4,320 LUTs of programmable logic, is ideal for compact, low-power image processing, video, and display applications that require high bandwidth and fast data transfers.

iCEcube2 (v2013-03) software provides access to the iCE40 LP8K FPGA in a 4 x 4-mm, 81-ball ucBGA package with a 0.4-mm pitch. This part squeezes more processing power into a 25% smaller footprint than was previously possible with other packages. Delivering 7,680 LUTs, the iCE40 LP8K FPGA enables designers to build efficient co-processors to accelerate data processing in a number of space-constrained portable industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

The Lattice iCEcube2 (v2013-03) environment supports the Lattice Synthesis Engine (LSE) as well as Synopsys’ Synplify Pro software. Moreover, the Lattice Synthesis Engine supports the entire ultra-low density FPGA product line. Designers can select which tool they would like to use, enabling access to a broader set of logic optimisations to minimise device power, size, and cost.

Lattice Diamond v2.2 software can be downloaded from the Lattice website, and iCEcube2 (v2013-03) software can be downloaded from the iCEcube2 software page on the same site.