Dialog meets Intel specs with 45-W ultra-slim and 12-W ultrabook power adapters

January 07, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
Dialog Semiconductor has worked with Intel to develop its latest power supply platform for, among other uses, Ultrabooks - with what are claimed to be the thinnest, smallest 45 W and 12 W travel-size power adapters.

Developed by Dialog’s Power Conversion Business Group (formerly iWatt Inc.), the 45W design enables Ultrabook power adapters that are less than one-half the overall volume and approximately 50% thinner than conventional 45W adapters. The 12W design enables the first compact, pocket-size adapters for an Ultrabook at 68 x 68 x 17 mm, with a typical charge time under five hours.

Dialog’s ultra-slim adapter solutions join the company’s power technologies for Ultrabooks, including SmartWave multi-touch display sensor ICs and highly integrated, next-generation power management and audio solutions.

Dialog’s 45W and 12W designs support Intel Turbo Boost Technology with 82W peak power capability at 10% duty cycle for the 45W adapter and 2% for the 12W adapter. They also meet, or exceed emerging, stringent global energy standards for lower standby power and higher light-load and active average efficiency in power adapters, including the proposed stringent European CoC version 5(1) and U.S. DoE(2) regulations. The 45W design provides 90% active average efficiency and achieves better than 100mW no-load standby power with fast standby recovery time. The 12W design provides 86% active average efficiency and achieves under 50mW no-load standby power with fast standby recovery time. Both designs maintain high efficiency at loads as light as 10%.

The 45W ultra-slim design uses Dialog’s iW1762 digital pulse width modulation (PWM) controller in a PC board that fits in a 61 cubic centimetre (cc) adapter case and is up to one-half the size of conventional 45W power adapters, which can be as large as 168cc, or more. The 12W design uses Dialog’s iW1760 PWM controller in a PC board that fits in a pocket-size 80cc adapter case.

Volex plc provides the enclosure design for both the 45W ultra-slim and 12W travel adapters.

The iW1762 and iW1760 digital PWM controllers use Dialog’s PrimAccurate primary-side control technology. PrimAccurate control eliminates the need for a secondary-side regulator and opto-isolator, reducing the component costs, improving line-voltage surge protection, and delivering