Digi-Key launches the TechXchange online community forum

May 09, 2012 // By Julien Happich
TechXchange is an online community for the electronics industry. Design engineers, inventors, students, academics, and professionals use the forum to share ideas and receive free, expert electronics advice as part of the online community.

The forum is comprised of six online communities segmented by technology category – energy harvesting, lighting, microcontroller, power, sensor, and wireless solutions. TechXchange forum members can find the support and answers they need to create electronics-based products by submitting questions to other users in addition to sharing their own research and findings. Digi-Key Design Specialists in each technology category are available online to provide advice and counsel.

For the country-specific websites listed above, the TechXchange forum will have the same format and features as the US version. The only exception being that on the international TechXchange sites, users will have the option to translate content on the page to different languages through Google Translate. This will also apply to future international implementations of TechXchange. To access the international TechXchange forum, visit www.digikey.com/us/en/International/global.html and choose one of the country-specific websites that are available.

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