Digital measurement techniques test analogue radios

June 11, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Rohde & Schwarz designed the R&S CMA180 radio test set for analogue radio production and maintenance. Operated with a touchscreen, the new tester can generate any test signal of up to 20 MHz bandwidth and process high input power levels of up to 150W.

The test set enables manufacturers and service technicians to test analogue radios in the 100 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range. Its large touchscreen and straightforward menu provide for especially simple and fast operation. The CMA180 uses an integrated ARB generator for software implemented test signal generation. Users can generate any output signal with a bandwidth of up to 20 MHz – a feature normally offered only in radiocommunications testers several times more expensive.

The CMA180 is the first radiocommunications tester that allows users to generate additional signals with just a few mouse clicks, such as interfering signals for co-channel rejection measurements. Service technicians and test engineers can also use the instrument's integrated sequencer to configure and run automatic test sequences.

It is designed for 100W continuous input power and 150W peak input power and is the only tester in its price class capable of processing such high input levels. Thanks to digital signal processing, the CMA180 delivers extremely precise measurement results and is ideal for testing software-defined radios. For high precision power measurements, Rohde & Schwarz offers optional extremely linear power sensors that can be used with the R&S CMA180.

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